City Life, Country Life

We have many dear friends who love The City. They thrive in the bustle and movement and color and sound of city life. We were also very well-loved and well-taught for years by a church whose mission was and is to “love the city.” But while we loved the people God put in our lives in the city, we had to confess we just didn’t love the city. We dreamed of making our home and raising our children in not-the-city.

For years we talked about our dream and drove into the rural areas surrounding our city and browsed properties. We prayed God would allow us to live our dream. And when in the course of those years we discovered and pursued properties on the outskirts of our city that seemed perfect for us, we prayed God would not give them to us unless they were really his good plan for us. And he did not. And we were disappointed. And we learned to trust him more and fought to be content with our suburban life and continued to enjoy our dear city friends.

And then one day Husband saw a job advertisement for a position in a rural family practice in beautiful northeast Washington. And we prayed and pursued some more, and this time every door swung wide open and our dream came true. And we felt scared and sad and excited. And we suddenly stopped worrying about our children being kidnapped or run over by cars and instead starting worrying about them falling down abandoned mine shafts or being eaten by bears.

And so we traded our life in the city for a new life in the country. And we feel like we’re living a dream here, all wrapped up in the warm hug of summer. Strange … the locals keep asking if we have four-wheel-drive.

We know this lovely little piece of the world is not heaven and some of the lessons we learn here may come hard, but as we pull back the wrapping on our new home we can’t help but gasp with delight. (Though the snakes and wasps cause other kinds of gasps.) We’re excited to enjoy it, excited to share it, and excited to love the people God puts in our lives in the country.


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  1. Tiana Rehe

    I met you in the country and lived with you in the city. 🙂 Both were wonderful experiences! I am excited for your families new adventures and I miss being close enough to be a part of them. I must come visit.

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