Already miss them.

We had a great time with dear friends Dick and Tami (and sweet, obedient Sasha), and not just because they cooked every single meal while they were here. (Tami’s pear crisp is oh so good.) They just left yesterday and we already miss them.

Dick and Tami 1

Just hanging out with yummy snacks.IMG_3356

Dick brought his paddleboard…


…which the kids loved.

E and Sam paddleboard

E and Sam made their own.


Tami and Sasha played fetch.


Here they are cooking, again.

Fancy napkin

Dick made these fancy napkins.

Pretty salad

And Tami made this beautiful salad.

Dick and dogs

The puppies adored them.

Dick and Tami

Come back real soon!!


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One response to “Already miss them.

  1. Tami

    Loved every minute. Cant wait to come back.

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