Dog whisperer

Today we had a professional dog trainer over to help us figure out how to raise the puppies. She was really helpful and I feel some hope of keeping both puppies for now. She recommended a trial period of thirty days before we decide one way or the other about whether to re-home Molly, which has been a serious discussion around here for the last week. The dogs adored her, of course, and she taught them both to “leave it” in about ten minutes time. (We’ll need to reinforce it, but watching her train them was kind of magical.) Basically, the dogs have to learn to stop whatever they’re doing and look at us whenever we say “leave it.” Both pups are highly motivated by treats and it was really fun to watch their brains working hard to figure out what they had to do to get one. We’ll be making the 70-mile trek down to Lisa’s obedience class for six weeks starting in November and look forward to seeing what comes of it.

Meanwhile, we went out on the deck earlier to this scene:


I giggled and took their picture and didn’t tell them how tempting it was to shove some food through the bars and go out on a date with Kerry.


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  1. tami

    So glad they did a home visit. Those are so helpful! I hope you decide to keep Molly. Looks like a great trainer too. I don’t think the kids would have noticed if you left for a quick date…heehee

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