Passive ambush

Kerry won’t let me deliver this anonymous note. Oh well.

Dear Neighbor,

We drive past your lovely home and fields every day from farther up the mountain. We couldn’t help but admire the sturdiness of your mailbox when the female half of us nicked it recently while driving by in our large vehicle. While your box was unscathed (thankfully), our side mirror was apparently vaporized on contact.

We’re so glad your mailbox is ok, and we have replaced our side mirror, but we wondered if it would be very much trouble to move your box back just a few inches from the road? It is possible to keep all four wheels on the pavement driving by and still become much too intimate with the box in passing.

We are very sorry for hitting your mailbox at all. We do understand if moving it is not possible and will be content to drive by very carefully, but wanted to ask just in case.


Neighbors up the Road



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2 responses to “Passive ambush

  1. Karen

    Is that the same mailbox we commented on when passing too closely by it on our way up the mountain….actually I believe it was on the paved road. Too funny….

  2. tami

    Good to hear the mirror is fixed:)

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