We just couldn’t do it.

Ok, I guess I can just say I couldn’t do it. We’re keeping Molly.

We went back and forth on this for weeks, debating the benefits of just having one dog (there are definitely many benefits). Kerry really wanted to keep both dogs, and there were times when I decidedly did not (usually right after chicken massacres).

Logically, it’s a lot more work to train two dogs well, and because they’re siblings there’s the added challenge of getting them to bond to the family more than to each other. Which means keeping them separated much of the time, training them separately, playing with them separately, etc. Twice the mess, twice the everything. And most of this falls to me during the day, on top of four of everything in the kid department.

So Kerry finally said we should go ahead and find a new home for Molly. We put out the word and put up the ads and had a very sweet woman inquire about her and make plans to come get her. And in the couple days between we agonized about it some more. I’m really surprised, actually, at how hard it all was emotionally. I’m not even a dog person. In the end all the turmoil was too much and I told Kerry we should just keep both dogs and figure it out, whatever that looks like.

It may be more sensible to send Molly to a new home, but it just didn’t feel right. We both felt immediately more peaceful after the decision was made, the sweet lady was very understanding, and now we’re wading into life with two large dogs again. I’m sure it will have its moments.



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3 responses to “We just couldn’t do it.

  1. Tiana

    It is amazing how God can create a new love in our hearts, for something we never realized belonged there in the first place. I am glad for your family, Mingo and Molly. Oh, and I am sorry, because it is a lot of work and frustration some times. 🙂

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