A really nice Sunday

We took it easy yesterday and roasted our lunch outside (a productive roast, since it disposed of the knotty wood we can’t use for our stove). Our fire got so hot we had to use an improvised shield (dog dish) to protect our faces while we roasted on the outside edge of it. Then we spent our afternoon watching a double feature of Nanny McPhee. I sometimes wish I could call her. Really a very nice day.

IMG_4044 IMG_4052

IMG_4043 IMG_4054

IMG_4046 IMG_4060



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One response to “A really nice Sunday

  1. Tiana

    I just love your little family. Er, not so little family. That does sound like a lovely Sunday. I dusted and cleaned my blinds… which was actually very rewarding even though it sounds lame. Okay, it was lame but also rewarding and sometimes that is just the way it is. 🙂

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