The Days have come and gone

We really enjoyed visiting with our friends Joe and Jentry and their two girls, Chloe and Brynn. (We’re enjoying an extended visit with Brynn’s stuffed puffin, which wasn’t intentional, and we’ll be mailing it back pronto with lots of kisses from Ellie.)

Joe made some awesome lattes (with the espresso machine they brought along) and some even more awesome chocolate chip cookies (for which he browned the butter and added this whole new dimension of flavor). Jentry and I had fun taking the kids on a fall walk in the woods, and then to the Colville Costume parade, at which we had the important distinction of being the sole spectators. Reminded me of parades growing up, where our entire town was in the parade and no one was watching.

We had lots of quiet reading time and fun conversations, too. Looking forward to the next visit!

IMG_4029 IMG_4025

IMG_3938 IMG_3937

IMG_4016 IMG_4019

IMG_4039 IMG_4024




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