So Kerry replaced his toasted Buick with a truck, which is fun to drive and will come in very handy around here. (Now we can go way up in the woods and haul out our own trees for wood! Yay??) Our friend Jamie wrote movingly of Kerry’s new adventures as a diesel truck owner:

I’m excited for you; a diesel truck reminds me of a sailboat motor and the fumes of pure adventure.  Someday I can see you, a mountain man with a huge Moses white beard down to your collarbone, flecked with angry ice crystals and blowing sideways in the gusty wind as you hook up rusty chains to a low riding fluorescent pink Nissan to drag some young punk with an eyebrow ring out of a ditch.  Way to be, man, way to BE.



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  1. Hilary

    That word picture of Kerry…I can SEE it. I just hope the punk in the pink Nissan isn’t a Michaelis boy. They’ll be driving their own diesel powered trucks by then I’m sure! ;o)

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