1. What is it about winter?? We feel so sluggish lately. We have our dreams — lots and lots of them — but zero motivation and energy to do anything. Even with all the extra dark these days, I haven’t kept up with correspondence, reading, writing, blogging… All the inside activities that wile away the cold hours. BUT, the days are starting to get longer again! Every day we gain four minutes of daylight … an hour every two weeks! Light at the end of the tunnel.

2. The other huge energy drain is rather wonderful: We’re fourteen weeks pregnant and things seem to be going along well! It’s so nice to feel the utter fatigue and nausea getting less and less. We’d still love your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy. This is farther along than we’ve gotten with three of our last four babies, so it feels like a big deal, and we’re hoping so much that we’ll get to meet and grow up with this little person.

3. It’s been snowing here. We got four more inches last night, and more off and on today. It’s lovely, fluffy snow because it’s pretty dry here. I actually can’t count on one hand the number of times it’s rained since we moved here in early August. In fact, even when I try, I can’t remember a time. The two or three freak storms we’ve had were dry also: crazy wind and lightning, but no rain. Which is not necessarily good, since things are probably TOO dry around here. Not sure what it will do to our newly planted apple trees…

4. We had a cold spell a few weeks ago with a week of temperatures below zero. I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that isn’t normal for this area*, and also how weird it feels to experience a comparatively warm 18 degrees as “rather balmy”. However, that week convinced us we had to replace old windows/doors and exchange our propane fireplace for a wood one. Propane is quite expensive here and we’ve already gone through a full tank this year. Wood is almost free if we want to truck up to the woods and get it ourselves. So the stove guys came today and demolished the big rock fireplace downstairs, and the windows start going in tomorrow.

*Apparently there is no “normal” for this area. From what I hear, locals say “this is such an unusual winter” every year about something or other.

5. We really enjoyed a visit this weekend from good friends Scott and Megan Constable and their three sweet kids, Caleb, Kali and Hunter. Had a lot of fun sledding, eating the gourmet chocolate they brought, and catching up on all the news of life.




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2 responses to “Notes

  1. Tiana

    I’ve missed reading your updates, thanks for not being so lazy. šŸ˜‰ May I request a baby bump picture as soon as your itty bitty self starts to finally show, I’m so excited for my newest Nephling! I wish we had snow and not just rain. šŸ˜¦ Maybe not negative temps, though. Actually I would prefer cold 25-ish dry snowy days followed by 75 degree, sunny days. Can I get that? Glad to see you are still surrounded by friends and I look forward to coming back for a visit soon! šŸ™‚

  2. Marsha, it sounds so cold there. Your description reminds me of trying to be warm in that big house in Selleck, except it is even colder where you are at. As beautiful as all that white stuff is, I am glad I am in sunny California for the winter. Our kids see the pictures you post and beg me to take them there. Maybe someday Lord willing. I am so happy for you and Kerry and the kids that a new little one will be joining your family soon. Congratulations. Love you all so much.

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