We loved having Uncle Lewis and then Miss Lynne here to spend the Christmas weeks with us!

Lewis delighted the boys with new lego sets, and gave Ellie a big Minnie Mouse doll (which she hasn’t stopped hugging since). And then he even endured an hour of putting together a lego set, though I think he would tell you it was a struggle to get through that, what with key legos being randomly scattered onto the floor by other passing children. He also made a beautiful spice cake, and brought a bunch of his now-famous homemade biscotti, which we rely on to get us through the first couple weeks of dark January.


Lynne flew in from Seattle on Christmas morning and we didn’t want to open gifts without her. The kids knew it was Christmas when they woke up, so we put their stockings under the tree for them to find and open. They were actually pretty satisfied with that as Christmas, but as soon as they were loaded in the car for the drive to Spokane we put the other gifts (mailed in from Grandpas and Aunties and friends) under the tree for them to discover when we got home. (When they did, Sam promptly fell over on the couch in shock.) We had a wonderful time with Lynne, as usual.

photo (6)


It looks like Christmas around here…

photo (5)



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