Land of the Living

I feel like I just walked out of a fog a couple of days ago. These are the first few days out of the past couple months where I’ve actually felt interested in accomplishing anything. We need to get serious about schooling again! Remodel the house! Cook dinner! Read a useful book! Plot our garden!

Fatigue seems to affect everything. I wish I could say I pushed through it with mighty endurance, and went to the throne of God for my daily strength, etc., but mostly I just slept whenever and wherever I could and Kerry picked up a lot of the slack (cheerfully, I might add!). I don’t remember my first few pregnancies being so hard during the first trimester. Did I forget? Or just get older?

Anyway, it feels great to be somewhat normal again, and things seem to be going well with Baby so far.




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4 responses to “Land of the Living

  1. I am glad you are starting to feel better. I always tried to remind myself that as long as I felt like ….. then the baby was doing well. It was proof my body was supporting it. I hope your days get easier and this little one comes along into the world healthy and happy. I am sure all your other ones would love to have a new baby in the house.

  2. So glad you are feeling alive again! I’ve missed the updates. I believe you may have more on your plate this trimester than you did on your other ones, doesn’t each kid add a dozen more tasks? Oh and I recommend sneaking in an extra nap every now and again whenever Kerry is feeling cheerful! 🙂

  3. linda burr

    so glad to hear you’re feeling better! i think we forget each time how tiring it is to be pregnant..getting older each time doesn’t help with that i’m…:)

  4. katie

    phew, glad you’re getting that next burst of energy! at the end of the day, we fall into bed and think we’ll plan more tomorrow…and I always (often?) fall asleep reading those “useful books”…

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