We need a good name.

No no, not for the Baby. At least, we haven’t run out of ideas on that yet.

We need a name for our home. We want this house and land to be a hospitable and refreshing place to welcome other people, and we’re considering building a guest cottage rental at some point. And it just feels like we need to call it something. We’ve had some fun suggestions, but nothing quite seems to stick yet. For instance:

Golden Pines (because of the color of the tamaracks in the fall)
Blue Grouse Retreat (because there are blue grouse birds here, and a Blue Grouse Mine nearby)
Blue Grass Retreat (because the grass in the fields is a type of blue grass)
Mountain Meadows (because there are meadows, on a mountain … but that’s pretty generic)
Eagle’s Rook (because we’re up kind of high)
Triple M (for Michaelis on Mingo Mountain … in the Meadow)
Mingo Mountain Retreat (already taken)

You see. I kind of like the idea of a more abstract brand idea, like “Up on Mingo.” We could make Up on Mingo Cheese, Bison Meat, Berries, etc. But Kerry’s not sold.

Any ideas?



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3 responses to “We need a good name.

  1. Hope Mountain, or Hope Meadows

  2. Dad

    Not Mountain Meadows. There is already a Mountain Meadows in Utah, noteworthy for an infamous atrocity which occurred there – the Mountain Meadow Massacre.

    How about Michealis Meadow. Or The Michealis Home.

  3. Heather

    Did you ever decide on a name for the Michaelis plantation?

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