Turns out blood is quite helpful.

Well, after two weeks of worsening anemia and the flu — during which I did not fold a single piece of laundry because lifting my arms was exhausting, or do much of anything other than sit in a chair or sleep while some very sweet ladies consented to be hired to keep the house clean and the kids alive — I got a blood transfusion Friday evening (beautiful way to spend Valentine’s) and am now starting to feel better. We waited a few days after my doctor recommended a transfusion, to see if my body could start producing blood on its own with some iron and potassium supplements, since it seemed better to avoid even the small risks of transfusion if we could, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. So, thank you, to a stranger who shared some blood.


I can’t say I liked going to the hospital alone (Kerry had to stay home with the kids), but I made it through and I’m hoping things are just going to get better from here physically.

Results so far from tests on our little Lucy Pearl as well as my blood show that everything is/was normal. Lucy was growing just as she should. Which is oddly harder to process than if something was obviously wrong. We would really like to know why we lost our baby, and I’m not sure if we’ll get those answers. I’m so, so thankful that goodbyes in this life are only temporary for those who trust in Jesus.

Goodbye to Lucy

And on a final random note, this is what it looks like around here right now. The weather has warmed up quite a bit, but we still have plenty of snow. Hints of spring in the air, and a garden to plan before it comes … a garden to plan before it comes.

snowy days



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2 responses to “Turns out blood is quite helpful.

  1. Glad that the transfusion seems to be helping but that doesn’t sound like a very romantic Valentines’s Day, although I am sure all Kerry wants is for you to feel better. I don’t know what to say about sweet Lucy Pearl, how about I just stick with, I am so sorry.

    Oh and I am certain some liver and onions would have fixed you right up. 😉

  2. Marsha, you are really going through the trials. 😦 Drink cans of Slim Fast to boost your blood up. After my transfusion I was anemic for a year until I drank Slim Fast for a couple of weeks. For some reason in that form the iron and nutrients are absorbed. Once I drank that stuff my blood returned to normal. I hope you get answers to why your babies are going to heaven so soon. I will be praying with you for answers. Love you, Aunt Jeanne

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