He lost his first tooth.

Ethan was determined to find out if the tooth fairy was real last night after his first tooth fell out with the help of a popsicle. He had a flashlight in bed with him, but before going he said to Kerry, “Dad, I’m going to be disappointed if it’s you.” We exchanged looks. And Kerry fessed up this morning after Ethan found a dollar under his pillow. (At that rate, we’ll be paying $80 for baby teeth by the time all the kids get through!) I think he’s ok with it though.

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3 responses to “He lost his first tooth.

  1. Ethan looks pretty pleased, I bet that dollar took the sting out of his minor disappointment! 🙂 That tooth has been loose for awhile, he was telling me about it last month when I was out there. I wish I could find dollars under my pillows, sometimes I find a random sock under my pillows. True story. It’s like I become a gymnast in the night, an over heated gymnast who needs to take her socks off to cool down. It’s like a gift.

  2. Too cool. Kali lost her first tooth this week also. After the tooth fairy forgot to put a quarter under her pillow we debated over whether the tooth fairy is a boy or a girl while the tooth fairy snuck in and slide the shiny thing into place. I suggested maybe she didn’t find it the first time and she might want to check again. Sure enough, i was there. We had one happy little girl. It looks like Ethan lost the same one Kali did. Please tell him congrats for me.

  3. Dad

    A dollar! $1?! It’s supposed to be $25.

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