Kid stuff. And stuff.

It feels nice to write some lighter-hearted posts on here.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in a long time last night, at Walmart of course, and the store had all its after-Christmas clearance-off-clearance sales. So I got the boys Superman capes and Ellie a fairy outfit. It’s so cute watching them put on costumes because they really feel transformed by it. Ellie sat very still for quite awhile after putting on her outfit, just feeling super beautiful. And the boys were inspired to bow in the most chivalrous way to their Princess Sister — right before they ran outside so their capes could blow in the wind.

photo (9)

I also love how little kids draw. They’re not careful at all, and as a result some really cute stuff emerges. Like this “girl” Ellie made:


photo (10)


Mingo broke his collar the other day and I decided, in an act of great love for Kerry and great frugality, to take Kerry’s suggestion and fix it with sewing rather than buy a new one. I don’t mind sewing things, but oh my goodness, having to hold a well-used and well-saturated dog collar inches from my nose to see the stitches was a true sacrifice. Kerry says I’m that much closer to being a true country woman. Woohoo.

Oh, speaking of country stuff, my sweet neighbor told me all about how to trap a skunk the other day. Apparently there are special traps, enclosed on all sides and baited with peanut butter, that are just tall enough for the skunk to walk into, but not tall enough for the skunk to lift its tail and spray. Skunk goes in, door slams shut, and then the whole contraption is — get ready to feel a little sad, city and pet folk — submerged in water or filled with a hose. Skunk dispatched. OR … you can also use a rifle, but you have to make sure you don’t shoot the skunk in the gut. You can imagine what happens if you do.

I was curious about this because there are times around here when a particular stretch of highway will reek for days with the smell of skunk. I’m assuming that’s because a skunk died in the vicinity, otherwise the smell would dissipate. Potent, potent creatures.

Apparently, if you want the hazards of the job, you can make quite a bit of money trapping skunks and extracting their odorant (I have no idea if it’s called that, but it’s the opposite of deodorant, right?). Because it’s used in perfume. This is a bit of information I’m going to try to hide from my boys until they have less money-lust and more sense.

Last note: Despite track-sightings in the area and our general fear, we still have not seen any wild predators. No cougars, bear, etc. Plenty of deer tracks through the yard though, and a particularly brave cat that comes over from the neighbor’s house and sneaks into the barn to eat the dog’s food. Come spring, with gardens and fruit trees and flowers to grow, deer will cease to be Bambis and become pests. We’ll see how the relationship progresses …



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4 responses to “Kid stuff. And stuff.

  1. Karen

    I read every one of your posts and love them all…some I even print out and share with the ladies in Sunday School. They love you also. Thanks for the highlights of the children and especially the pictures….love the boys bowing to their sister….so chivalrous, or something close to that word.

  2. I love kids and costumes. Kali and Amanda love dress up. I am sure your children feel extra special now with their new identities. Please tell Ellie I love her art work and hope she does more. Poor skunks.

  3. I second Jennie’s comment, poor skunks. My dear friend, I feel like this comment had come to late but, non-the-less, you can wash dog collars and leashes. I throw ours in with Bills yard work clothes or the dog towels. Save your self the stench next time, you country woman you. 😉

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