photo 1 (5)
This is one of our new favorite breakfasts: Vanilla Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. The kids think it’s dessert. (Thanks for the homemade granola, T!)

photo 2 (5)
The house got “a little too quiet” one afternoon while I was down doing laundry, so I went hunting for kids. Here’s where I found them. They look like a random mish-mash of movie characters … The Scarecrow,  the White Witch (or Lucy!), etc. They thought they looked just like Mommy and Daddy, since they had put our clothes on.

photo 4 (3)
The boys made Daddy a birthday cake out of Legos (it’s not his birthday). Inside, they had hidden a little party of fuzzy balls and rubber bands. I think they were partly inspired by the layer cake episode on Master Chef, Jr. After one of the smaller siblings mercilessly destroyed the cake creation, I could just hear Gordon Ramsey in my head saying, “Wha’ a shame.”

photo 3 (4)
We had a wonderful visit from Juliana and her lovely friend Diana! I’m kicking myself for not taking more pictures. They were both universally adored by the kids (probably because they played with them wholeheartedly) and a huge help to me, in addition to being wonderful grown-up company. Hoping it won’t be long before you ladies come back!

photo 5
“Will this thing hold my weight?” Well, Joshie, let’s try it and see. Discovery learning.







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  1. The one where they have your clothes on reminds me of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. They are so awesome. I wonder if they were mine if I would have appreciated this scene the way you do, or if I would have missed out on seeing the beauty in it and just became a grumpy old mom.

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