Bargain foot massage.

Ethan is extremely interested in earning money these days. He has many schemes. His latest is selling foot massages to family members, and he’s actually earned $3 already. Sam was his first customer.

photo 1  photo 2  photo 3
His other business ventures include:

– Trying to sell avocado tree starts. (He plants seeds from our Costco avocados and has three good sized plants growing now.)

– Trying to sell tickets to climb the tree in our yard.

– Planning to grow and sell watermelons this summer.

– Various offers to play with his siblings for money.



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6 responses to “Bargain foot massage.

  1. Smart boy. Reminds me of my Susie when she was little. 🙂

  2. Karen

    Ethan, I hope you are still in the foot massage business when Grandpa and I come to visit….I badly need one. 🙂

  3. katie

    that’s awesome…blaise is more intently talking about buying the lego death star with no idea how to get the money. 🙂

  4. Rusty

    Ethan, raise the price!

  5. Anna

    He is SO funny and smart. After taking him to the park and watching him intently scheme for half an hour about how to get the frogs out of the lake (we never actually SAW or heard any frogs, btw), including attempting to get passersby (and their dogs) involved in his plans, wade in past his knees, ask to borrow a boat, etc, etc… I can totally picture him thinking of all those ways of making money.

  6. Dad, shhhh!

    Yes, Ethan definitely has scheming down to an art. 🙂

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