Man coffee!

Where else but the country can you get a “1/2 Calf” latte? One of the many reasons we moved here.

photo 4

Incidentally, if you’re looking for reasons to move here, add latte prices to your list. I haven’t actually done a direct comparison, but I’m pretty sure they charge a lot less than in the city. And we have lots of latte stands to choose from in this little big town.

Combined with the meat options, you oughta be packing by now…



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4 responses to “Man coffee!

  1. What does it cost to rent a house up there Marsha?

  2. I’m not sure about rentals, but you can buy a decent house here for not a lot of money. Probably quite a bit cheaper to buy than rent, actually, in terms of a monthly payment. You should look at!

  3. Rusty

    What does “1/2 Calf” mean? Is it referring to caffeine?

  4. Yeah, I just thought it was a funny typo, given how many cows live around here. Redneck coffee. 🙂

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