Remaking things

With 35 fast-growing chicks to house, we’re busy tearing our old coop down to the bones and rebuilding. Meanwhile, the chicks have outgrown the laundry room and now have a stall in the barn. Hoping they survive any creatures that might manage to get in there, including our dogs …

photo (1)

coop small
While we worked on the coop, Molly buried her head in the dirt …

dog small

Speaking of chickens, I found this recipe the other day. Poussin is baby chickens. I don’t think I’ll try it though.

photo (2)

And, in honor of the fact that it snowed today (I was so mad), here’s a picture of the teepee the boys made this winter.

teepee small



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3 responses to “Remaking things

  1. I’m glad the kids like the snow. I would imagine it could snow into May way up there. You are always so busy.

  2. Anna

    Fun pictures. We live our country life vicariously through you guys. I still have no desire to own a large dog though…. in fact I’ve become more set in that since you got yours. 🙂 Perhaps a very, very tiny one.

  3. Jeanne — Well, *supposedly* it isn’t normal to have snow this late, but I guess anything is possible. I’ve just had a taste of spring with much warmer weather and beautiful sun lately, so it felt like we had just skipped summer and fall and started winter again. It all melted off by afternoon though.

    Anna — Yeah, big dogs are good for outside if you have wild animals nearby and stuff, but I think it’d be way more fun to have a cute inside dog that could cuddle with family members. If Mingo cuddles (as they both love to do) I walk away covered in hair and slobber.

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