Whooo is bothering the dogs?

The dogs started going crazy in the barn last night around 1am, so Kerry growlingly went out to investigate. I saw the barn light go on and figured something had happened, so I followed. We found this thing:


It was a BIG bird. Close to two-feet tall with a several-foot wingspan. We’re assuming it crawled in under the barn door, which must have look so creepy to anything watching from inside. I couldn’t capture it with the camera, but the owl would bend its head and look straight at me and it just makes you shudder a little to stare into such giant, unblinking yellow eyes. And the talons … It flew up and tried to grip the ceiling with its feet at one point, and just ripped holes in the insulated cover. And then it would fly up and hit the ceiling with its head and punch right through, so there are rips and dents all over the ceiling.

Kerry finally managed to get it to perch on a really long board (it must have exhausted itself) and it just sat there while he swung it around and let it outside.

I’m assuming it came into the barn looking for chick-nuggets, and discovered two big, loud dogs instead. Mingo had clambered and jumped over the tall stall wall by the time we got there, so the owl wouldn’t have had the option of going down to the floor to crawl back out.


My sister sent me the following account this morning of their harrowing night dealing with the wild creatures of the city:

Oh yeah??  Well, we have been having awesome adventures with wildlife here too!  Last night, we heard this sound and we got up at 1am and the cats were like, freaking out, and we ran and ran, and there was a moth on the outside of the slider door!  It was just going crazy, trying to break into our house, bashing its body on the door, foaming at the mouth, slobbering all over the glass.  I wanted to call animal control, but Brian was like “It’s okay, I got this.”  And he got a broom and did this really cool Jackie Chan thing and the moth swooped away into the night.  It was rad.



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3 responses to “Whooo is bothering the dogs?

  1. So awesome. Did the kids get to see this owl? They would have been so excited.

  2. I love the idea of my kids seeing wild creatures, Jeanne, but I love the idea of crawling back into my warm bed without drama even more. So I didn’t wake them up. But we got some video for them. 🙂

  3. Rusty

    One night while driving home from work, near the rig headquarters in the Santa Maria Valley oil field, I hit an owl. It flew right down in front of the car and hit at the top center of the windshield. And another time, while working in the Cat Canyon oil field, another guy on my crew got crapped on by a huge white owl. I’d never seen a white owl before. It was amazing, and huge. The “bomb” hit the guy right below the adams apple and splattered all down the front of him. Huge white owl.

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