Yes. That is a yellow, rubber ball wedged down there in the deepest reaches of the toilet. And yes. My very disgusted hand spent way too much time down there getting it out. And yes. A certain little boy spent some of his time scrubbing the bathroom after the drama was over.

photo 4 (2)
My sweet friend (and meter-reader) Jean gave me this fridge magnet when she came by last week. I love Jean, and I love that she is paid to come to our house once a month. And I love that she always takes a little time to come in and visit, and that she always brings wonderful, thoughtful things like home school catalogues and resources. (But in case you read this, Jean, I would also be totally happy if you brought nothing but yourself!) Her daughter, Venke, is our long-suffering babysitter.

photo 2 (1)
What is this thing? The brand name on the side is Gardner Denver. I was going to take this picture over to the scrap metal place to see if they would buy the iron, but figured I should try to identify it first, in case it’s actually a machine that pressure-washes muddy boys or fixes dinner or something.

photo 3


We’re having fun with Flat Stanley. I bet he’s eager to get back to warm southern California though.

photo 1


I found fifteen versions of this picture on my phone when I went to get the pictures off just now. Apparently one of the children liked the sound the camera makes when it clicks. I’m glad it has part of the coffee pot in the shot, since the coffee pot is very precious to me.

photo 4



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12 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Yes, you have to love little boys. Although, Michelle is having the same problem with her 3-year-old Lily and the toilet. She woke up a couple of weeks ago and found all her work shirts in the toilet. Lily laughed so hard at the joke she had played on her Mom. The toilet continues to fascinate her. Michelle says she will hear Lily laughing and see her run out of the bathroom. Sure enough, the little stinker has dumped something else into the toilet.

    I bet that “thing” is something of a treasure. For some reason it looks familiar to me. I am going to have to show it to Wendell and see what he thinks it is.

    The kids are so excited you have Flat Stanley at your house. I showed them the picture and they started yelling with excitement. Just what you need is another little boy. At least he is flat and you can fold him up and stick him away if he starts causing you any trouble.

    We are going to homeschool the kids next school year. It ought to be interesting. I feel apprehensive for some reason. You would thing after homeschooling our first 10 these ones would be a breeze. I think it is my age I worry about. So many of the kids are homeschooling their kids now. I’m glad the next generation are brave enough to go for it. Are you going through a program of sorts?

  2. Rusty

    Gardner Denver makes pumps and compressors. I think the blue thing is a pump, or at least what’s left of one.

  3. Oh, Lily!! 🙂

    Yes, please tell me what it is if you guys figure it out!

    Flat Stanley is a quiet boy, but harder to dress than the others.

    I think homeschooling will be fun and crazy for you all! But you have experience! I just signed a contract to try to start a program here called Classical Conversations (www.classicalconversations.com). It’s big in Seattle (maybe in your area? it’s a national program) and we did it a couple of years ago there. Just one day/morning a week with other families, with a classical education curriculum taught through fun activities, then we have the rest of the week at home (or doing something else) to add depth to what they learn. I don’t want to homeschool in isolation!

  4. What does it pump, I wonder?

  5. Meg Constable

    The thingy looks familiar to me, too. I think it’s a water or liquid manure ‘sprinkler’ pump…that’s portable. Maybe….

  6. Karen

    Ah yes, the yellow ball in the toilet….reminiscient of Kerry, except he tried to flush a plastic Vitalis bottle….lol.

  7. Heather

    Farm and Ranch Living magazine has a section where you can submit photos of old tools, equipment, implements, etc. They publish your photo along with any info you have about it, and readers weigh-in on what it is. Their readers are very knowledgeable! Might be something to check out.

  8. I remember what it is Marsha. It is a transformer. I am sure I saw that on Transformers before. Keep an eye on it because it may save your life one day.

  9. Wendell says it looks like a log splitter with parts missing. He wants you to take pictures of it from different angles so he can get a better look.

  10. I’ll do that, Jeanne! Someone else told us they thought it was a log-splitter also. I’ll get some more photos and post them.

  11. And I think Farm Transformers should be the next movie in the series.

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