Sam lost a tooth!

Sam lost his first tooth! Everyone else was very excited for him. Josh is convinced his teeth will start falling out if he eats popsicles or rice cakes (since that is what Ethan and Sam lost their loose teeth in) and he is happy to try.

photo 2 (7)

I suggested to Sam that he let me take care of the tooth so it didn’t get lost before he could put it under his pillow, but he wanted to keep it himself. It didn’t get lost, but he did manage to wedge it into the round connector in the broken Viewfinder. Daddy had to break the already broken toy with hedge cutters to get it out.

See the tooth?

photo 3 (5)


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One response to “Sam lost a tooth!

  1. It seems like all the kids are missing some teeth these days. There are so many at the tooth falling out stage in our huge family. Nathaniel even got his first tooth pulled yesterday and he is only 3. Congratulations Sam!

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