Latest money scheme

The boys have been listening to Henry Huggins stories on tape, and are very inspired by all the ways Henry thinks to earn money. When it rained for a couple of days last week all the earthworms came out to play, and the boys remembered that Henry Huggins earned $13 selling nightcrawlers to fishermen for one penny each.

For about 45 minutes I could hear the boys exclaiming excitedly in various places around the property as they scooped up slimy fortunes from the grass and road. Ethan was completely convinced they had collected thousands — no, millions! — of dollars worth of worms. But NOT because they were going to sell the worms. Oh no. They were going to use the *worms* to catch CHINOOK (another thing Henry Huggins longs to do) and sell the fish for so much money!

I’m actually not sure what eventually happened to the worms. They may have gone to a party in the chicken coop … and they were never heard from again.

Sorry for the disturbing pictures. Just inviting you in for a bit.

photo 4 (4) photo 1 (4)

Frogs are quite a bit nicer than worms.

photo 1 (2)



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3 responses to “Latest money scheme

  1. I love their excited little faces!!! Who knew worms, frogs and dreams of Chinook (re, loads of money) could bring so much happiness. 🙂

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