Lake Roosevelt

We have a big lake here, formed by the water flowing in from the Kettle and Colville Rivers, and backed up by the Grand Coulee Dam. It’s a great place to swim and play during the summer. Since this is our first spring here, we were surprised to see how much the lake levels have gone down, and then quite fascinated to learn how the water levels are regulated to allow for spring runoff and prevent flooding as the snow melts in the surrounding mountains. It’s crazy how much water is let out and refilled this time of year.

Here’s a picture of Tami playing with Sasha on the beach last September:


And here is the same beach right now:


The light water-line right there in the near foreground is where Tami and Sasha played. But now the water level is about fifty feet below that. I can’t really even comprehend how much water that is when you look at the size of the lake.

Here are pictures of us playing in the lake last summer:

IMG_3350 IMG_3357 IMG_3356 IMG_3385

And here are some pictures from our walk there a few days ago. We were basically walking in the areas that are way down under the water you see above.

IMG_5486 IMG_5431

The lake bottom is amazingly clean. Just cracked, dried clay. That makes me feel better about swimming there in the summer.

IMG_5443 IMG_5447 IMG_5453

The original town of Kettle Falls had to be moved when the lake was made. The current Kettle Falls used to be Meyer’s Falls. So when lake levels are low in the spring, you can walk down and see some of the remnants of the old Kettle, like these stumps that were line trees (dividing and marking property lines) and this old stone foundation.

IMG_5472 IMG_5477

Come visit us and we’ll take you to the lake to play and explore!

IMG_5495 IMG_5499




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  1. You live in the most amazing and interesting place. I should plan a visit for a year from now and pray the Lord provides the way to get their and get home. It looks so fun and seeing you and your family would be such a blessing.

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