Treasure Hunt! (Part Three)

Ellie has the fourth and final clue!
IMG_6179 IMG_6186

“I’m home to many a little seed. When they grow up, a family they’ll feed.” Oh OH, the garden!! To the garden!

Where can it be?? Josh found it!!
IMG_6190 IMG_6193

Now our puzzle is complete!

So, we know it’s our birthday… Where’s the secret message? Maybe we should turn it over?

It’s a picture!! It’s a picture of the old school house door! To the school house!!!

There’s a treasure in here! Come in everyone!
IMG_6206 IMG_6209 IMG_6210

There’s a bike wrapped in garbage bags!! And a brown box with gifts inside!!!
IMG_6205 IMG_6215

Such FUN!
IMG_6226 IMG_6222 IMG_6212

And the party is complete with a piñata…

Everyone bashes away, and it finally gets knocked off the tree!
IMG_6231 IMG_6234 IMG_6237 IMG_6240

Uh oh! It wasn’t a good idea to put plastic water guns in the piñata! They got bashed open too… But there’s lots of other fun treats and now we get to go play with it all! (Whew. Good thing, because the pirates are tired out now.)
IMG_6242 IMG_6246

Happy Birthday, Ethan and Sam!!!


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One response to “Treasure Hunt! (Part Three)

  1. Happy birthday Ethan and Sam. That was such a fun birthday hunt. I was so excited to see the your awesome treasures. Happy birthday!!!!!

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