Treasure Hunt! (Part Two)

Josh had the second of the pirate’s clues…
IMG_6149 IMG_6153

“Look inside, you’ll find a swing. And little birds who like to sing.” What can that be?? The barn of course! To the barn!

We looked around the swing, but Sam ended up finding it in one of the stalls!
IMG_6161 IMG_6162

More puzzle pieces! But not enough to make out the message…

Ethan has the third clue!
IMG_6166 IMG_6169

“I am tall and strong, I guard the drive. Look up in my branches to see an old wasp hive.” It’s the tree by the driveway!! To the tree!
IMG_6171 IMG_6174

Ethan found it!!

We’re getting closer to solving this thing!

Go to Part Three…


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