I can’t even think of a name for this post.

Kerry and I both felt extremely glad yesterday that we decided to sell our Honda Odyssey a couple of years ago and buy an older vehicle that we could completely use up and not worry about resale value every time four messy kids climbed inside. We felt glad because Ellie and Josh decided to scribble on the Suburban with rocks yesterday. I feel like a total failure as a parent. What did I do wrong that made them think for even a moment that this was ok??? I’m just so glad they did it to our car and not someone else’s! I gave them a very serious talk about how if they ever did that to any other car, the owner would call the police, and other very serious stuff would happen.

Here’s just a small sample of their artwork, which goes along all three sides of the Suburban.

I’m still kind of speechless.



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  1. Lol!!!!!! Add this to the things that will make a funny story when they are older. Be glad they are not 12 and into writing obscenities on things.

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