Last night Ellie had to have a particularly nasty splinter scalpeled out of her big toe. She wasn’t going to sit around smiling while Daddy did that, so I had the fun job of holding her down while she screamed right into my ear. She was still very distraught when it was out and over, but Daddy happened to noticed there was a lovely pink sunset outside, so he distracted her by exclaiming: “Oh LOOK, Ellie! God made a pink sky, just for you!” She was surprised and happy, and best of all, distracted, and we were all able to go to bed after that.

This morning she came into my room and said in a thoughtful tone: “Mom, why did God make me a pink sky?” And I thought it was so cute that she was feeling warm and fuzzy about the special thing God did to make her feel better in her moment of trauma. And then she said:

“I wanted a purple one.”

(And yes, Tiana, I’m definitely going to call in to Spirit 105.3 and share this on the air.)



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3 responses to “Pink

  1. Jeanne Clark

    That is so cute. Pray for a purple one for her and with her.

  2. “Hallelujah, Halelujah!”
    This post left me with a big grin.

  3. Tami

    Great story! I could imagine your heart dropping for a second when she asked for a purple sky:)

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