Rescue? Or Foil?

We have a couple of nests of baby robins in the barn and Mingo found one of the babies on the ground behind the barn yesterday. I happened to catch him before he slobbered it to death and he actually obeyed when I told him to “LEAVE IT!” Yes, that loud. I frantically waved to Kerry and he immediately agreed that a Baby Bird Rescue took precedence over the Hauling of Heavy Things.

While the mother robin anxiously scolded and screeched, Kerry brought in the heavy equipment so I could put the little bird back in its nest way up in the rafters. But as soon as I managed to plop it in next to its brother, it jumped right back out and flopped out of the barn again.

What began as a noble rescue may have actually been the interruption of a flying lesson. Happily, the mother didn’t seem put off by the fact that a human had touched her baby (apparently that is a lie told to young children to keep them from mauling helpless birds — at least according to this article), and she followed along proudly watching as it floundered through the grass. Mingo didn’t even try to get it again. He’s a good dog.

bird3 bird2 bird1



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2 responses to “Rescue? Or Foil?

  1. Tami

    Way to go Mingo! And Marsha that looked dangerous with you way up there. So glad you did’t fall.

  2. Jeanne Clark

    I think Kerry put you up there for other reasons. I am sure he enjoys the view. 🙂

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