1. The raspberries are in! We picked five quarts yesterday! (Grandma Karen, you really should come in July next year!) The kids have eaten thousands of them off the bush, we’ve made several pies and lots of yogurt parfaits, and now we’re just trying to pick and freeze as many as possible so we can enjoy them in the off-season. It’s quite fun picking them — kind of like a treasure hunt where treasure is under every leaf.
photo 5 photo 6 photo 7 raspberries 2 raspberries

2. We were going to play at the lake last night, only to discover there is no beach left because the water is so high. I’m still blown away by how the water levels vary in such a huge space. We were also getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, so we got out long enough to snap a photo that makes it *look* like we stood around and contemplated life for awhile, then we raced back to the car.
kids at lake

3. Meet the cats. We decided to name them Mingo El Gato (Mel for short) and Mr. T (not a complete departure from Turtle-man). They were both in utter shock for a couple of days, so I couldn’t tell if they had any personality, but now that they’re used to their space it turns out Mr. T is much more dominant and friendly than Mel. Not to Mingo the dog, of course. When Mingo comes in Mr. T sits there with his paw out of the cage waiting for a chance to scratch him. I’m pretty sure if either of the cats got out of their kennel at this point we’d never see them again. Not sure how to buy their love.
cats photo 9

4. Swim lessons. Ellie and I spent a lot of time watching the boys do swim lessons the last couple of weeks, but she’s been a good sport. Especially because we can all go play at the kiddie pool before and after.
4 3 2 1 pic8

5. Basketball fail. The boys were invited by one of their swim lesson classmates to play a game of basketball while they were waiting for class to start the other day. I felt a little nervous letting them join a slightly older, slightly cocky boy for a game they know nothing about, but they were quite excited. Sure enough, it didn’t go awesome. As soon as they got the ball they either ran with it (at which the kid looked confused and then said, “oookay, I guess we can play that way”), or they fell on the ground on top of it to keep anyone else from getting it (at one point there was a big knot of boys fighting over the ball). But they seemed to think it a success, and I think we can help them learn something about the sport for next time.
photo 2

6. Tiana and Bill came for a visit! We picked up a tent trailer in Spokane for Tiana and Bill and couple of weeks ago and held it hostage at our place so they would have to come get it. It was good to see them, even though it was too short!
playing t and b t and m tiana and ethan tiana bill trailer

7. Summer is fun.
kid fun Pic4 pic5

8. Mingo chews stuff up. Don’t leave your stuff outside.
photo 3 pic6 pic7

9. Kerry v. The Moles
8 6 5



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3 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Jeanne Clark

    Did Kerry have a foot left when he was done? Be careful with the moles. The poisons kill cats and dogs too. Lisa said something about pouring bleach down their holes. Your family always looks like they are having so much fun. All the activities, new pets, friends to visit, parents to laugh at; what a great life they have. Watch some basketball on the internet would help them see what you are supposed to do with the ball. Or….you can just take them out to a field and let them play keep-a-way.

  2. Jeanne Clark

    Your dog may be ingesting some of that plastic which is common. It could result in a horrific vet bill.

  3. Karen

    Certainly looks as if pruning your raspberries last fall was a success. They are plentiful and look absolutely delicious. Yes, July would be a good month…we would just trade our heat of summer for yours….ha.

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