1. Sam found a big old frog today.

2. The country store here sells all kinds of animals. Yesterday, Sam and I went to pick up some rain boots, and they had bunnies, guinea pigs, chicks, kittens, birds, and crickets (for food). I resisted, this time.
10 11 12 15 16

3. Oh, how neat, the snake can climb straight up the side of the plastic pool.

4. The kids made a triple-decker sandwich.

5. The Colville Farmer’s Market is part of a fun program called the POP Kids Club. The kids became members, so they have a passport on file there, and when they visit the farmer’s market they get their passport stamped and they’re given two wooden tokens worth $1 each that they can spend on any fruit or vegetables at the market. The first time we went, they each got a giant peach (one token) and a basket of apricots (one token). The second time, Ethan got a bunch of carrots, and I realized I couldn’t answer him when he asked where carrot seeds come from. We know now, because the farmer told us. Do you know?
8 917

6. I did something not smart the other day. We were all taking a walk to the mailbox, and we tied Mingo up so he wouldn’t follow us past our neighbor’s house and rile up her dogs. He was completely upset, of course. We were about half way there when we heard him joyously coming, with his long cable flying in his wake. Still not sure how he unhooked himself. As he went flying past me toward the kids up ahead, I decided to reach down and catch the cable to stop him. Dumb. I did catch it, and the next thing I knew I was flying down the road and then it came up and smacked me hard. I have bruises. And scrapes. Note to self: Do not try to grab the leash of a hundred pound dog running full speed.

Here’s Mingo, crashed on the deck.
And here he is, reveling in the treat of being inside. We had a major thunderstorm and he was scared. He was allowed to stay in until his doggie smell wafted beyond the entry way.

7. This still disturbs me. I was driving home with the kids the other day and noticed these car tracks going right to the edge of the road, at a sharp curve, right next to the steepest drop-off on Mingo Mountain Road (you can see the tops of pine trees down below). I got out and looked around, and the large tree had been hit by something, the car tracks did not turn around but seemed to jog suddenly (presumably when the driver’s side of the car hit the tree), there were track marks going off the edge about four feet, but no evidence that any car went beyond that. A small sapling that would have been in the way didn’t look injured at all, etc. I looked for awhile, yelled down there, then sent the picture to Kerry at work for his opinion. We decided to call 911 and at least report it. Never heard anything back, but it bothers me still when I drive by there.

8. Here’s the progress I made on my herb garden before we got busy with other things and the weeds started to come back.
IMG_6439 herb garden 2

9. We bought eight fish from Walmart and six of them immediately died. But they looked pretty for an afternoon.

10. Sam likes wearing these protective glasses everywhere.

11. Our chickens are laying about 16 eggs a day now. We can’t eat them fast enough. Maybe we can sell some at the farmer’s market?

12. We got our first turkey family meandering through the yard the other day. They’re everywhere around here, so I was wondering when they’d come by. I think they’re cute, but people who are serious about gardening hate them. Maybe that’ll be me next year.
photo 1





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2 responses to “Tidbits

  1. You all have been very busy. Love the herb garden. What are the temps like up there where you live? Your kids must be in heaven. I keep thinking Seth would do so much better if he lived on a farm and had room to run and explore. Are your kids enjoying all those critters? I hope your injuries from your mishap with Mingo heal up quickly.

  2. Anna

    What fun! We have a lot of farmers markets here… I should visit them more often. Our neighbors a couple doors down own an orchard in Wenatchee and they set up produce stands at all the farmers markets in the area. They only live here during the summer.

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