More Tidbits

Found this guy at the fair.
14 15

We went with friends, most of whom will be in Classical Conversations with the kids this year:

Ellie would like her own baby cow. She might just get one someday.

Fun at the Lake cooling off on a hot summer day:
7 8 9 10

And we finally went down to see Meyers Falls, which is a few miles from our house. Neat place. Privately owned hydroelectric generating station. 
11 12


Speaking of Mingo, he desperately wants to be friends with the cats (Mel and Mitty). And sometimes they let him. If Mingo stays very still, Mitty will actually rub up against him and curl around his legs. But Mingo just can’t stay still. He just so bad wants to play with them — to chase and romp! Hisssssss! I got mad at Mingo for chasing the cats the other day and told him so, and now he’s very obedient. He knows exactly what I’m doing when I call for the kitties, and he will lay down and wait about 20 yards from the schoolhouse (where they like to hide) while I pet them. He’s a good dog.



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3 responses to “More Tidbits

  1. Your children are in heaven. I desire in my heart to have such a place for Seth especially to grow up. He needs the freedom of endless property.

  2. This post made me smile. 🙂
    I love the picture of Josh (?) on Mingo.

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