Cooking Real Simple

I’ve been completely uninspired about cooking and meal-planning lately, so decided to copycat the Julie & Julia idea and cook straight through an entire cookbook. I’m doing this one:


I’m not sure where I got it; it’s been on my shelf for years. If you gave it to me, please remind me so I can feel glad about that. It has a nice variety of meals, a colorful picture of each one, and simple but interesting ingredients. And Kerry, who knows more about food and cooking than I do, scanned through it and approved my plan, which felt like a good strong hand pulling me out of a rut. It’ll probably be good for all of us to try a few new flavors. And it’ll be like solving a mystery every night: What happens when you put THIS stuff together?

We’ll find out…



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4 responses to “Cooking Real Simple

  1. Let me know how it goes. Maybe you can inspire the rest of us.

  2. Anna

    Looks yum! I like cookbooks that have a picture of each recipe. Sometimes I watch cooking shows too. I need a lot of inspiration to get motivated to cook anything.

  3. I gave it to you. You owe me. You probably owe me a home cooked meal (I may or may not have given you that cook book, but since no one else was taking the credit…).

  4. You probably did, Tiana! You should write in it next time so you can call out the “owe me” card more convincingly. But do come for a meal. Anytime.

    I like cooking shows too, Anna!

    And, Jeanne, I’ll try to post the good and the bad…

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