1. School time!
9 10 11 12

2. Ethan brings the drama to soccer. This is what he was doing while the game was on at the other end of the field and he felt there was no immediate threat to his goalie box. I can only wonder what his coaches make of him.

3. Dirt is so fun!
17 18

4. We have a working title for our home. Not sure if it’ll stick or not. And we’re selling yummy farm-fresh eggs for $2.50 a dozen! You Seattlelites should visit us and import eggs to Seattle where you can sell them for a huge mark-up.

5. Ethan harvested and roasted his first batch of sunflower seeds!
4 3

6. I made my first batch of salted nutty caramel. It tastes good, but sticks a little much to the wax paper.

7. Farm art.
5 6 7 8

8. Grandma Karen made these adorable stuffed chickens for all of us.

9. Ellie got some beautiful princess jewelry.

10. Random: I really like using lemon zest in recipes. Such fun!
lemon zest

11. Ethan made this cool tower.

12. Josh had his last soccer game today. He really did a great job, and took it all very seriously. I had lots of moments watching him where I felt like I was getting a glimpse of an older boy. But I can still say he’s super cute in his jersey.
13 photo


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