Fred’s End

Fred Astaire met a tragic end in the apple orchard. Poor guy. I felt really sad for him, even though he was exiled to the orchard after he decided he hated Ethan and started stalking and attacking him every time Ethan went into the coop. I’m not sure what got Fred because the fence around the coop is about 8-feet high, and there aren’t many easy places for something to get in — even something that climbs. I would blame an owl, but the clues below seem to point to a different kind of creature. If gruesome details don’t bother you, or you’ve always dreamed of being a crime scene investigator, see the pictures below and try figure it out.

Signs of a struggle?

A weird pile of regurgitated beatles.

Not Fred’s.

photo5 photo6
Where’s Fred?



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2 responses to “Fred’s End

  1. Hilary

    I hate to be retributive, but it does seem like he deserved it. Too bad you didn’t get to eat him instead. From the photos, I’m going to guess bobcat?

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