1. With one swing of a gate, we transformed our garden from Weedville to Eden. Just depends on your perspective.

2. We really, really enjoyed our Seattle visit! A weekend full of rich conversation, delicious food and celebration. I should have taken more pictures, but we were too busy talking and eating. The event that brought us was the wedding celebration of our dear friends’ son and his beautiful new wife.

Incidentally, I have photo-proof that Dick does, in fact, steal candy from babies:
21 22 23

Meanwhile, the kids had a wonderful time with another dear friend, Juliana, who has also been called MacGyver’s Twin Sister and Juliana Poppins. As far as the kids are concerned, she is practically perfect in every way, and we literally didn’t worry for a single second while we were away. There is no possible way to put a price on that kind of care for your kids. (Incidentally, not only were the kids safe, happy and calm when we got home, but the house was tidy and all the windows — and their tracks! — were washed, laundry was done, and sheets on all beds were clean. AND, Juliana was NOT laying on the floor in an exhausted stupor. She’s a wonder.)

3. For some reason the birds really like this tree. Can you count them all?

4. Nothing like a big roaring fire to warm up a foggy day. So nice to see junk turn into ash. Kerry’s been doing a lot of work clearing the south fields of all kinds of unexpected things. Someone should do a reality show on what long grass can hide.

5. We’re all having a great time in Classical Conversations, and our tutors are completely lovely and talented in every way. I need to get some pictures of our afternoon class next. Below, Cadence was a great sport volunteering for Naomi’s taste test presentation. You can see that Isaiah (in blue checks) felt quite alarmed for her at one point.
cc2 cc

6. Grandma made the boys chef’s aprons!
photo 1

7. Wind in his face.
photo 3

8. One screen to rule them all…
photo 4

9. There’s a wonderfully creepy “haunted tunnel” in the chips at the local grocery store. The kids wouldn’t go in it at first, so I tested it out and then snuck up behind them. Ha ha ha! But then they got braver. It was funny to see how utterly thrilling the whole experience was for them.
129 130

10. Sam finished his math book!

11. The newspaper publisher here has kindly invited me to submit articles about whatever. This is the latest.

12. Carrots! This was just the first few. We’ve got to figure out how to process and store produce. Kerry has plans to dig a root cellar at some point.

13. Ethan loves making paper airplanes and has gotten pretty good at it. The other day he was frolicking in the yard flying his plane, and he climbed up to the deck and gave it his best fling. The wind then picked it right up and blew it backward over his head and onto the roof. He was bummed and wracked his brain trying to figure out how to get it down. Finally, I suggested he pray and ask God to blow it down. So he did, and about ten seconds later another gust of wind blew it right down to him. Thank you, God. 🙂
photo 2



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3 responses to “Tidbits

  1. Anna

    Fun stuff! It’s always a treat when I visit your blog and there are new pictures and stories. 🙂

  2. Tami

    Love all your posts. Thank you Juliana for being such an amazing friend to Kerry and Marsha. We are so thankful for you hanging out with the kids so they could come to Zack and Danielle’s
    wedding reception!!

  3. Hilary Tompkins

    I miss you. Love seeing tidbits of your life!

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