1. This picture was taken back before winter started. I’m just posting it here because I miss Before Winter. Look, Kerry is wearing shorts! It must have been Not Freezing. How nice.

2. Yes, we have snow. First snow came on November 11 this year and hasn’t melted yet. Just a little, with lots of rocks and grass sticking through, but the boys are very determined to sled. We’ve had to veto several very bad sledding schemes. They finally resorted to laying some flat boards down the hill and racing down on their skateboard.

3. Isn’t this guy adorable? We saw him at the farmer’s market this fall.

4. We carved pumpkins for the first time this year at our friend Sarah’s. It was actually pretty fun after I just gooshed my hands into the pumpkin guts and got past the initial yuck. Daddy had planned some fun games for that evening to soften the Terrible Terrible Horrible Disappointment of being the only kids in the entire world who weren’t going trick-or-treating. The kids loved glow-tag in the dark.
19 18

5. Here are some pictures of Sam. He collected 136 yellow leaves; he got himself stuck in a roll of wire fencing in the barn; he’s been a champ about doing his physical therapy exercises to strengthen his hip muscles and help him straighten out his pigeon-toes; and he’s gotten into a bad habit of wearing his jeans too low, but maybe that’s better than the alternative.
20 6 2 5

6. It’s been a couple of decades at least since I last ate an artichoke, and Kerry had never tried one, so we bought one and steamed it the other night. Still good! My Dad used to work in the oil fields in California, right near some artichoke fields, and the farmers would let the oil field workers pick a few to take home. But at least one of the oil field guys was taking advantage of this generosity and picking sacks-full. So one day the guy was out in the field with his burlap sack, filling up on the farmer’s artichokes, when the farmer drove up with his own sack and started helping himself to tools from the guy’s company truck. What could the guy say? He just waved sheepishly at the farmer and watched him drive off with the tools. The farmer took them to the boss’s office and complained. Ha ha!

7. Can’t say I ever saw goats driving down the road in the city.

8. The kids in our Classical Conversations program finished learning all fifty states and capitols last week, so we celebrated with U.S.-shaped cookies. Hurrah!

9. The kittens are adorable. We named them Donny and Marie. They both start purring madly the moment we walk into the barn these days. And they’re starting to get used to Mingo, I think. They seem less inclined to attack him anyway.
9 22

10. King Louie decided he was hot stuff and decided to attack Ellie, so he took his vows and went to the orchard, where he promptly got stuck in a square of the fencing.

11. The boys were completely delighted when our friend Mrs Johnson let them ride her horse all by themselves the other day. I could almost begin to imagine having a horse one day.

12. Seriously.

13. Don’t hate me, but I’m pretty much all done with my Christmas shopping. Click-click-clack on Amazon, and then two days later the UPS truck roars up the mountain and puts the package at the door (behind the green trellis!). Keeping it pretty simple this year.


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  1. Looks like you are very busy. I love the cookies, the kittens, Sam and his leaf collection, and the boys riding the horse all by themselves. Your family will have wonderful memories to share in years to come. How is Mommy doing? 🙂

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