1. Gravel delivery, and a hard worker to spread it.
10 14

2. A roaring tractor and a nice, warm lap … perfect nap.

3. Ethan can make his own eggs now.

4. This is a boy’s idea of washing and stacking dishes to dry.

5. Big bummer for some neighbors on our mountain road. I’m already nervous about our kids learning to drive this road in ten years. They did get the car out.

6. Hurrah, Josh finished his math book! We celebrated with a trip down to the pool in Usk with some friends. See the long line going up the stairs? Oh wait, there isn’t one. As usual, we had the place to ourselves (for $5 per kid and $10 for Mommy). So cool. I don’t know how they stay in business, but rock on. And it’s especially cool because there are floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, so you can stare out at the freshly falling snow as you frolick in the tropical humidity. Yes, be jealous.

7. Flower lives in our barn. Doesn’t seem too bothered by Mingo, or the kids, or the kittens. At least, not so far. Mingo doesn’t give him any what-for, and generously shares his food. Smart dog. Speaking of our smart dog, our kittens are now getting very frisky and wanting to be out of their two-story kennel. But they’re kind of a pain to catch, because they know they’re going back in there. Mingo figured out very quickly one day that we were trying to catch the very elusive kittens, and after us trying and trying and following them all over the barn with them staying just out of reach, it took him about three seconds to corner them and make them freeze and puff up so we could walk up and get them. He gives them lots of kisses and they purr and purr, so they don’t seem to mind. Now he does it every time they’re being pills and it makes the catching quite easy. But he knows not to try that with Flower. More dog food, Flower?

8. Seriously, I almost feel bad about this. But we wake up lots of days with this view:
And then we drive into town, and this is the view:
If you live near us and it’s foggy at your place, call me. If it’s sunny here you’re welcome to come up for a fix.

9. Cold day fun.
b IMG_9470 IMG_9376

10. Our last day at Classical Conversations before Christmas break:
IMG_9368 IMG_9365 IMG_9362 IMG_9356 IMG_9348

11. Sam, Josh and I had a fun day at the mall in Spokane while Kerry had shoulder surgery. No bottoms were sucked into the escalator teeth, and we enjoyed the movie “Penguins of Madagascar,” and various forms of sugar. (I’m shocked at the price of movies though!) Kerry’s surgery went well, and Ethan and Ellie had a great time with friends in Kettle Falls.
IMG_9508 IMG_9510 IMG_9513

12. Abe Lincoln enjoying the snow on the deck.

13. One friend made this bracelet, and another bought it for me from the craft fair. I love it!

14. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

15. She’s so cute. This is when she opened the birthday card from Auntie Anna. It had stickers with fancy clothes on them. So wonderful.



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2 responses to “Tidbits

  1. You are all so busy, and so creative. I love your pictures. That water slide is amazing. We have a waterslide here, but it closes for the winter. What was wrong with Kerry’s shoulder?

  2. Heather McCall

    Miss you, friend 🙂

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