We really enjoyed visits from Uncle Lewis and my Mom during the Christmas season this year! And of course Lewis brought his famous homemade biscotti. Mmm.



We went hiking up the side of Mingo Mountain (behind our house) one afternoon while Mom was here. Kind of like taking a trip into Narnia… And we found an old mine! (As a parent, I’m still intrigued, but much more alarmed at giant, dark, endless holes in the sides of the mountains near the house, since it won’t be long before the kids are off exploring on their own.)

10  169 13512

Can you see our house in this one?


And some more Christmas fun.

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  1. Karen

    Marsha, I always thought you looked like your Dad, but seeing these pictures of your Mom……you certainly do favor her. What great memories you all are making as the children grow up… you all and miss you.

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