They get along!

I’ve always wanted cats and dogs that get along and, for now at least, they do! Mingo, Donny and Marie are buds.


I caught them in the driveway yesterday playing. Yes, that’s Mingo pouncing on Marie and happily mauling her. She didn’t seem to mind.


Mingo will even share his food with them, but he drew the line at sharing his giant, empty, red Costco dog food bag. That was his. When the kittens got near it, he raced over and grabbed it and dragged it away into a stall where it would be safe. And he will not share his dog biscuits. That’s asking too much. He barked right in Marie’s face the other day when she wouldn’t take a hint the first time. A dog’s gotta have something of his own.




And a couple more dog and cat pictures, just for fun:

2 36 43

I really need to fortify one of the barn stalls so I can put our rabbit and guinea pig in a bigger space. They’re both in little cages in the chicken coop and I feel sad for them. Maybe soon.


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