We loved having Hilary and Steve here this last weekend. It felt like a cozy winter retreat with dear friends — a wonderful few days out of the routine. And the kids adored them. Sam will never forget that he “beat” a grown-up Mr. Steve at Checkers. And, as Ethan said, “Wow, when friends are here we get to feast!” Apparently my cooking is not so exciting on a normal day.

Hilary joined me for a meeting about the Classical Conversations Challenge program and it was fun for all of us women to hear her experienced thoughts on homeschooling. (Any chance you’ll move out here and lead the program for us, Hilary?)

Hilary and Steve





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2 responses to “Tompkins!

  1. Tami

    I’m so glad Steve and Hilary made it out to see your piece of heaven here on earth:)

  2. I need to head back out these so that E and I can, “feast”! 🙂 Glad to hear so many exciting things are happening with, “Classical Conversations” and home schooling out that way.
    I’ve been missing your blog updates though.
    Stop being so busy and entertain me.

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