1. Well, I killed my first deer a couple nights ago. People around here always say it’s just a matter of time, and so it was. Poor thing. We came around a corner on our country road and there it was, right in the middle of the road. Bam. The End. When I stopped and climbed out of the car to have a look and make sure the car wasn’t damaged, I heard my neighbor’s voice out of the dusky twilight: “You hit a deer? Good!” They have a beautiful garden, and the deer love to feast there. He kindly dragged it off the road for me, and his wife wrote me an email later to thank me. I feel a little sad, but the kids totally took it in stride. The country is seeping into them already.

2. Ethan was in a play this week! The Missoula Children’s Theater comes to Colville every year and puts on a one-week-long production. Kids audition for a part Monday, practice each afternoon, and perform the play twice on Saturday. This year it was Rapunzel, and Ethan was a mushroom. 🙂 I’m most proud of him for sticking with it, even when the afternoons got long. He enjoyed himself though, and is thinking about doing it again next year. As are Josh and Ellie. Sam is not so sure.
13 14

3. Josh stepped on something sharp and got an infection. The poor guy was limping around all day, and when Kerry came home he decided Josh needed to have his foot numbed up and cleaned out. We waited until he was exhausted and sleeping, then uncovered his foot and I held him down while Kerry put the needle in for numbing. Josh was asleep enough that we could get some of the anesthetic in without him waking up. Kerry would just poke it in until he started to scream in his sleep, then we’d wait a couple minutes and do it again. I know, sounds mean. But it got the job done and his foot healed up.

4. Ethan found a salamander in the back yard and named him Freddy. He kept him for a week, took him to class to show off, and then let him go.
1 2 8

5. I saw three dead coyotes in a pile on the side of the road the other day. Can’t say I was sad, since I really don’t like them. But I am kind of curious how they got there. That’s the person I need to email and say thank you.

6. We’re turning the garden shed into a greenhouse. It looks really neat already, but I’ll wait and put the “after” picture up when it’s all done. Here’s the “before.” And one of the “Driller on the Roof.” It’s nice to enjoy lunch in the sun in the process.
13 14 3

7. Out of the kids, Josh is the most connected to the pets.

8. We’re almost through with our first year of Classical Conversations. It’s gone really well! Our tutors are wonderful, and think of games like nerf-target-shooting in class. What’s not to love?? I made up a display for our area libraries, and this is the first one in Chewelah.
11 12

9. Lastly, we’re starting to repeat annual activities, which makes me feel like we really live here. This was drive-in movie night at Awana. Ellie won a prize for having the smallest car.
5 6 7



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3 responses to “Tidbits

  1. You are all so busy. It seems like everyone is homeschooling these days. Your children have adjusted well to their new home and surroundings, and seem to be naturals when it comes to country living. How is momma handling it all?

  2. Rusty

    Hey, I wonder if this artist could illustrate children’s books.

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