The comfort of friends

Dick and Tami came out this weekend and made us all happier. It was so good to laugh and relax and catch up and have fun, and they definitely broke a sweat helping us get work done. We tilled a grassy area into a rich, soft strawberry bed, and Tami and I will always have the wonderful memories we made under the rototiller, ripping and untangling all colors of non-biodegradable twine (and that really cool shirt!) from around the blades. If you ever buy a farm, I promise you, you will not believe the things you find buried in the dirt.

The kids literally mobbed Dick the minute they walked in.

And Tami.

Then Tami gave Ellie the ultimate gift of a manicure.

And they threw a birthday party for all the kids, “since we didn’t get to be here for their birthdays last year.”
28 27

The birthday presents included glow bracelets and necklaces, so of course we all went out for some late-night glow tag. (Ok, it was about 8:30pm, but that’s late to me.)
29 30 31

Oh, and Tami brought fake mustaches. I had no idea how creepy those can make you look! They were awesome.
26 25

Tami went with me and Ellie to a princess party. There were sixteen little girls there and I almost video-taped it just so Kerry could hear how quiet it was. Amazing. And check out that cake!!
33 35 34

So basically we all had a really wonderful time. We miss them already.
22 32

(Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention that Mingo was completely spoiled while they were here. They both understand dogs in a way I never will.)


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