Dangerous Job

Kerry decided to take the tv antenna off the roof of the house this evening. First he had to set up his insanely tall and bouncy ladder, on the deck next to the railing, up to the peak of the roof. Then he shimmied across the whole roof, gouging his legs on metal nuts and bolts in the process (note to self: no shorts when shimmying across roof). Then he unscrewed the antenna and threw it down. After all that, the hardest part was getting down, since he had to shimmy backward off the roof, at the peak where the ladder was, until he could bend his legs down and catch the rung. We’re all very happy he survived.

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3 responses to “Dangerous Job

  1. That is insane. No more Kerry!!!!!

  2. Rusty

    I don’t know, I think I woulda made Ethan do it.

  3. Dan

    Firefighters use Roof Ladders to accomplish such feats of bravery. It’s just a simple ladder with two large “J” hooks on the end that hook over the peak of the house. Good to have for roof work and a justifiable expense if you’re cleaning your own chimney.

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