Field Trip: Meyers Falls Hydroelectric Plant

Our CC group is still meeting up weekly for field trips or play-at-the-park-and-picnic days, and last Tuesday we went to the Meyers Falls Hydroelectric Plant in Kettle Falls. The owner, Ben Hendrickson, was really gracious to show us all around.

“Down there is where we divert water to generate electricity.”

“Let’s go down and see it.”

“This is called a ‘penstock.’ It’s a pipe that takes the water down to the turbines.”

“These are the turbines.”

“We made a miniature one so you can see how they work.”
04 03

“Now let’s walk across the bridge to the other building.” (I didn’t hear what he was saying because I was back here taking the picture.)

Here are the kids inside that “other building across the bridge.”

This plant generates enough electricity to power about 1,000 homes. Next time I really need to take less pictures and listen more, and since Kerry really wants to go down and see the place, I’ll get a chance.



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2 responses to “Field Trip: Meyers Falls Hydroelectric Plant

  1. Amber

    Do they give tours often? I’d like to go through it while we are there.

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