Newest member of the farm

Ethan bought himself a kitten and named him Tiger. These were taken right after we got Tiger home, so he looks a little traumatized, but he’s becoming quite a cute and friendly little guy.
IMG_1517 IMG_1525 IMG_1530

Since Ethan paid $5 for the kitten, he is threatening fines if anyone gets Tiger out of his kennel and loses him.

Other critters we’ve found lately:
IMG_1036 IMG_1041 IMG_1508 IMG_1513 IMG_1515 IMG_1516


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Art Show

The kids took some “suncatcher” paint outside in the grass and made these pieces of art, which they named.

“The Volcano” (Ethan)

“Candyland” (Ethan)

“The Explosion” (Josh)

“Fairy Sleeping in Her House as Thunder Comes” (Ellie)

“Outer Space” (Sam)

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The Circus came to town!

The Culpepper and Merriweather Circus came to Colville this week! Small-town circuses are really fun! They were in town for two days, and the morning they arrive they give a Circus Tour. Great opportunity to find out if you really do want to run away with the circus, so a bunch of us went.

Our tour guide was Leo, who is also the circus clown. He was funny and genuine, and also very frank about life in the circus. He loves it, of course, and tours with his wife, who is a costume-designer for Disney On Ice. The Culpepper Circus has two tigers and a lion (Francis). Francis weighs over 500 pounds and was making guttural roars while we were there. Pretty awesome sound; you can feel it in the ground you’re standing on.

You know the term “three-ring circus”? It’s referring to the size of the tent, and how many rings there are holding it up. I didn’t know that. I think this was a two-ring circus. There are about thirty people who travel with this circus and they do everything: put up and take down the tent; design the props and shows; take turns cooking for the crew; perform all the acts; train the big cats and other animals; fix the vehicles and lights; etc. They’re on the road for 32 weeks out of the year and Leo says they get about two days “off” during that time. These guys are driving one of the 170 stakes that hold the tent up:

This circus used to have an elephant, but apparently he had to retire suddenly one year, and the shows they came up with to substitute that year were so popular they decided not to get another one. Elephants eat 250 pounds of food A DAY. And they do a lot of damage to property. So it turned out to be a good thing. Of course, elephants are also super cool, so that’s a bummer. This horse wasn’t as big as an elephant, but he was still gigantic. You can see his partner behind him. She literally fits right under his legs. Clydesdale and miniature horse. He’s apparently quite sweet, but she bites everyone except her trainer, Paulina.

This guy was getting ready for his daredevil act. He and his brother designed this thing, which is called the Wheel of Destiny for the show, but which the tour guide referred to as the Giant Bad Idea.

It was a fun tour! Leo says people have weird ideas about circus folks, but “We’re transient performers, not barbarians. We keep up with the news, and all the kids are homeschooled on the road.” Later that night we came back for the show…
IMG_1629 IMG_1640 IMG_1641 IMG_1643IMG_1650

Big cats!

Unicycling family!
IMG_1686 IMG_1694

Leo the Clown!

Tightrope walker!

Trapeze performer! Ellie especially loved her outfit, and though I didn’t capture them on camera, some of her tricks were pretty crazy.
IMG_1711 IMG_1718

Trained dogs!

Contortionist! (She’s twelve.)

And finally, the Giant Bad Idea! The kids were all fascinated by the set up, and we collected more friends.
IMG_1732 IMG_1737 IMG_1740

Of course you can’t tell by these pictures, but their act was pretty breath-taking. Ethan had to squeeze Daddy’s neck to get through it.

Later, the kids put on their own circus show for us. Ethan was Phony the Clown, Ellie was The Superstar, Josh was the announcer, and Sam was the soundtrack. It was quite funny. At one point during his routine, Phony the Clown requested a new background track from the sound guy, who then burst into something with a catchy beat: “No! Not something awesome! Something silly!”
IMG_1762 IMG_1766

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Luke Allen

Three years ago today we said hello and goodbye to little Luke. He left such tiny prints, and such a big impression on us. We love you, Luke, and look forward to seeing you again.

Luke Prints



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1. Our CC group still meets every Tuesday for a park day or field trip (and is expanding beyond our CC group to include lots of other moms who enjoy getting out with their kids and friends). Here are Andrea and Sara with their adorable little-ests, and the crew.
IMG_0673 IMG_0676 IMG_0669

2. Our last field trip was a tour of the Colville Fish Hatchery (where Andrea, pictured above in yellow, actually grew up since her Dad was the manager for 20 years). The Hatchery is mostly run by high school students, under the management of one adult. Students learn to run the hatchery, make their own fishing poles, stuff their own quail (taxidermy), and other skills. Homeschool kids are welcome in the program, too, so I guess we’ll see if any of the boys get interested someday.
IMG_0717 IMG_0726 IMG_0730 IMG_0732 IMG_0733

3. This is how the boys have fun.

4. Second annual Awana Grand Prix. We didn’t win this year, but Daddy watched a YouTube video on how to make the fastest derby cars, so maybe next year.

5. Our new neighbors found an old treasure map left by prospectors centuries ago and invited the kids to help them solve the clues and find the treasure! Yeah!
IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0780 IMG_0787 IMG_0792 IMG_0797

6. Tee hee!

7. Sarah, Avery and Zack invited us to go swimming at the Benny’s pool in town, and then Avery found this adorable little creature in her locker.
IMG_0801 IMG_0807 IMG_0806

8. We drove north and found a fun lake on Mother’s Day. Water bugs and butterflies!
IMG_0840 IMG_0855 IMG_0873 IMG_0891 IMG_0899

9. Josh is really determined to finish his math book since he’s nearing the end and there’s a prize. He’s been doing it in odd places throughout the day.
IMG_0813 IMG_0823

10. Ethan has plans for a secret band of children who have an underground headquarters where they monitor radio announcements of crimes being committed and train in archery and other secret skills so they can stop bad guys. Here is one of his messenger balloons.

11. We had to get the oil changed the other day so we took the wagon with us to town and enjoyed the half-mile walk to the library.

12. Sam. 🙂
IMG_0819 28

13. Ellie’s princess drawing.

14. Collecting eggs.

15. The Kids.


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Miss Thya

We really enjoyed having Thya here for the weekend! I think my favorite part was watching her brilliant interactions with the kids. How does she convince them to do the things they need to do so cheerfully? No wonder she is a much-loved nanny in the city… Thanks for making the trip out, Thya! And for the good conversation, chocolate cream pie, and comfortable company!

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Finally, beach season is here.

The Lake Roosevelt beach (Colville Flats) is only about five minutes from the house, so I expect we’ll spend more and more time here as the weather warms. Right now the lake level is still quite low (they drain a lot of the lake to make room for spring runoff), so we get to play in the fun sand dunes. By June, the levels will be quite high, so it’ll be a great time for swimming. The water level will rise all the way to the top of this steep ravine, and create nice shallow beaches higher up.

21 25 20 22 27 30 23 24 17

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