Yay for Ellie!

Well, I’m actually impressed. Ellie was determined to finish her math book Thursday, so she did 13 lessons in one day. She would get a little tired and I’d ask her if she’d like to stop, but No! She was going to do it! She’s done with kindergarten math now and on to Book 1! And of course it was all worth it to get her reward: a sparkly new dress. Which she has not taken off since then. (Well, I mean, for bed and swimming, but that’s all.)

IMG_2067 IMG_2081 IMG_2087



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6 responses to “Yay for Ellie!

  1. Tiana Rehe

    What a dedicated and beautiful little lady! These pictures are just the sweetest. I can’t imagine ever being that cute when I was little, and SO happy to twirl. 🙂 Tell her Auntie T is very impressed and proud of her.

  2. Rusty

    Wow! Ellie is awesome! Is she a real princess?

  3. Anna

    That is so awesome! Good for her for working so hard!

  4. Rusty

    I was watching her do math. She’s really good at it, and seemed to enjoy it too.

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